Aug 17, 2012

Calling All Beekeepers!

Phew! I've been a pretty busy dude lately, hence the lack of new posts. Dare I say, as busy as a bee? Despite a stretch of drought here in good ol' Flint, Michigan, the hives have been faring pretty well. I had a good Summer harvest, and people snatched it right up! Nothing beats the taste of pure, raw honey!

So, enough about me. I know that people from all corners of the globe read the stuff on this website. I request of you, fellow beekeepers, tell me about your beekeeping season. Photos would be great too. Has the weather impacted your honey bees? How is the market for your product where you live? Any great new tips or tricks?

I'd like to include your input in an upcoming post. Not everyone wants to maintain a website, so let me get your voice out there.

Drop me a line at bluecollarbees (at) and make sure you include your name and location.