Apr 24, 2012

Sticking Some Bare Hands Into A Bee Swarm To Relocate Them (Video)

Johnny Mason, April 24, 2012: 

It’s almost swarm season! Actually, due to the odd weather this year, swarming has already begun in various areas of the United States. I know it has here in Flint, Michigan.

Are you curious what a swarm of honey bees actually looks like? Are they dangerous? The guys over at Town & Country’s Honey Bee Removal shot this video showing how gentle a new swarm of bees really is as they remove it from the branch of a tree.

When a swarm is new, they are gorged on honey, generally confused and disoriented, and only on a mission to find a new place to live. The lack of brood (eggs) to protect also lends to more docile behavior. A cluster like the one in the video will generally move on within a few days to find more suitable digs. Once they've been in the same location for more than three days, they may be a little crankier, but only because they may have decided to stay where they are, and now they will be protecting their new home.

 In the video, Daniel plays the role of the uninitiated public who thinks the bees will apparently murder him or something. But, as the cameraman says, “It’s fun!”