Mar 12, 2012

Submissions Now Being Accepted For Be Part Of The Awesome!

Johnny Mason, March 12, 2012:

Dig what’s been going at I hope so. I’ve been having tons of fun with it! Well, would you like a chance to be included?

If you’re someone interested in the well being of bees and would be interested in writing something for the world to see, but don’t want to maintain a website/blog of your own, this could be a great chance. Have a beekeeping tip or trick that you think would be of value? How about an equipment review? Prose on the current state of honey bee health or the beekeeping industry? Maybe you just want to talk about how the weather has treated your colony this year. Think about it.

If you represent a beekeeping equipment supplier or manufacturer, we’d love to get samples for review or press releases to share.

Being a web developer by day, I happen to know a thing or three about websites, and I’d like to reassure you that the site has already obtained both US and international readership with a steady growth incline. This is nerd code for, “people really like this stuff and they keep coming back.”

I want to make the website a great spot for beekeepers and people interested in honey bees to present information in a fun way. The more contributors, the better the education…the bigger of a spark to continue the craft well into the future.

Will everyone and everything that is submitted be posted on the site? Sorry, nope. In order to actually benefit more people than just the contributor, I need to be a tad picky. I’m sure you understand. If you’re interested in spreading the joy, contact me for details.