Mar 16, 2012

New-Bee 101: The Basic Components Of A Langstroth Hive

Johnny Mason, March 16, 2012:

Super body box what? Excluder? What are you excluding?

If you're just looking into beekeeping, chances are this may sound a bit familiar. We've all had questions and have been to embarrassed to ask, or maybe just couldn't find the right info on the internet. That's why I do the goofy videos. I want to help you with answers to basic beekeeping questions.

In this one, I talk about the components of a standard Langstroth bee hive (named after its creator, L.L. Langstroth). Although, I had a temporary brain fart and kept calling the inner cover the "top cover". It's an inner cover. INNER COVER. Anyway, the Langstroth style hive is the most common, but not the answer for everyone. What type of hive you'll want to keep depends on your goals, physical ability, and money/time that you want to invest. I'll have more on various options such as top-bar beekeeping in the future. For now, enjoy.