Mar 18, 2012

Can Raw Honey Cure Cancer? Well...

Johnny Mason, March 18, 2012:

Honey really is pretty miraculous stuff, but can it cure cancer? Well, no. Honey is not a cure for cancer, but it is extremely anti-cancer. Much research now agrees that cancer cells form due to oxidants rampaging through the body. Pure honey is full of bioflavonoids (aka: antioxidants) that have a powerful influence in decreasing the capillary weakness and fragility that an abundance an oxidants can create. The antioxidants literally hunt down the oxidants and prohibit their destruction of collagen in the body.

The effect of honey’s antioxidants is so powerful that many chemical drug companies have now invested millions of dollars to replicate these immunity enhancing flora-flavones artificially. Why spend a ton of money and ingest who-knows-what when you can just eat some good local honey?

Of course, raw honey is not a magic bullet and should be incorporated with other healthy diet and lifestyle habits. I know that most of us seem to focus more on treatment than prevention, but incorporating bee products in your daily routine can do quite a bit to ward off the cooties. The caffeic acid in propolis has properties that actually promotes the death of cancer cells.

Propolis has also been reported to directly fight the cells that cause colon cancer and it prevents the protein that causes cancer growth from forming. It also promotes the growth of new blood vessels, which strengthens the area and prevents cancer from forming.

Sound good? Get some!

Have you tried adding bee products to your diet on a regular basis? What are some positive effects that you have noticed? Let me know in the comments.