Mar 29, 2012

Another Amazing Honey Bee Skill: They're Good At Creating Art.

Johnny Mason, March 29, 2012:

Come on! Who says honey bees don't have any taste in art? Nobody? Well, apparently they do, and they are active in the art community.

Canadian artist, Aganetha Dyck has "chosen to collaborate with the honey bees for the past 14 years". She continues to say, "My research has included the bee's use of sound, sight, scent, vibration, and dance. I am studying the bee's use of the earth's magnetic fields as well as their use of the pheromones (chemicals) they produce to communicate with one another, with other species and possibly with the foliage they pollinate." Her collaboration with honey bees (in the form of "beework") is mainly a fusion of naturally formed comb on figurines and other three dimensional objects. Due to a short window of active bee-ness in the summertime, Dyck says that a piece can take years to complete. Now, that's dedication.

It's interesting to note that Aganetha Dyck is not a beekeeper, but began her work due solely to her fascination with the architecture that bees create.

All of us honey bee lovers have known for a while that they are pretty special creatures that do a lot for our world. I guess we can add "artist" to the the list. I wonder if they wear tiny berets.

Check out the video below to see Dyck discuss her art, her experimentation with beeswax, and the bees at work in an art museum installation. A quick Google search for Aganetha Dyck will bring up some more of her impressive imagery.