Feb 25, 2012

Scientists Claim That Knowing Bee-Loved Plants May Help Stop Decline

Johnny Mason, February 25, 2012:

We all know that honey bees love flowers, but could planting the right ones actually put a stop to bee decline?

A team of British scientists have just released the results of their findings related to the topic. The biologists at the University of Sussex analyzed the plant preferences of a variety of foraging insects and found that the preferred num-nums of bees do indeed vary.

The best plant for attracting bumblebees is the Mexican giant hyssop, while borage was the choice for honey bees with lilac sage being the runner up. It seems that lavenders such as the white Lavender edelweiss and the blue lavender grossblau were also big hits with honey bees.

Wild marjoram and Greek Origanum were found to be most attractive to wild solitary bees.

So, are these findings actually going to stop the effects of CCD? No. The claim being made by the team is that by knowing exactly what flowers are preferred, people can plant more of them and provide food sources closer to home. That in itself can have a positive effect on the life of the bees.

What do you think? Will this have an impact on your gardening habits?