Feb 27, 2012

Latest Version Of Beekeeper Hub Has Entered Android Market

Johnny Mason, February 27, 2012:

If you have an Android phone, maybe you like to keep your beekeeping resources at your fingertips. Enter "Beekeeper Hub", a handy app with a set of initial news feeds for some of your favorite honey bee sites such BeeSource, Honey Bee Suite, Mud Songs, and yes, Mason's Blue Collar Bees. There's a list of links to other great websites and beekeeping resources, the latest videos tagged with "beekeeping" on YouTube, bee photos, direct messaging to the developer, a handy social layer that allows you to comment or favorite on an article while viewing it, and more!

I think it's a pretty cool little app, but I may be partial...I made it. It's the kind of app I was looking for and couldn't find, so here it is. The newest version of Beekeeper Hub has just entered the Android Market, so check it out and offer any suggestions.