Feb 24, 2012

I Like 'Em Cheap & Easy. Ahem, I'm Talking About Bee Hive Stands.

Johnny Mason, February 24, 2012:

As the snow falls here in Flint, Michigan, my brain has been screaming for spring to spring upon us. Somehow, I don't think I'm alone. Well, since you can't be out playing tag with your bees, you could always build some more stuff to trip over. How about a super simple and inexpensive bee hive stand out of a single 8' 2x4 piece of lumber? It'll even hold two standard Langstroths side by side. It only takes a few cuts and can be done with very basic tools. 

Come on, you need to get your hives up off of the ground and just laying a couple of 2x4s across some milk crates has its own risks. They could slip out from under the hive while moving boxes around and possibly explode...um...yeah...that's right...exploooode. *cough cough* Ok, probably not, but you should still build this stand anyway as a monument to your frugality and meager carpentry skills. I believe in you.