Feb 21, 2012

Bees Without Borders Helps Beekeepers In Developing Countries

Johnny Mason, February 21, 2012:

As well-fed, spoiled people, we need to remember that beekeeping can mean much more to some than others. Generally speaking, in poor districts of developing countries it can be quite the challenge to find vocations that can support a person and/or their family and actually feed people.

This is where the nonprofit organization, Bees Without Borders comes in. Andrew Coté founded and has been heading up this organization for more than 10 year,s and has been making a world of difference simply by making suggestions to beekeepers on how to make their apiaries more profitable. Circumstances often come down to things like overcrowding of colonies and poor nectar and water sources

Coté also reinforces the value of other bee byproducts such as propolis and wax that can generate an income, but may otherwise have been trashed.

I just found out about Bees Without Borders, and it seems like an amazing organization. Check out the source article here and Bees Without Borders directly. Maybe you can consider lending some support.